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Weekly Freeroll Schedule

You can register for over $2,500 worth of weekly Freerolls NOW !Freeroll PROMOTIONAL feature:Some tournaments offer re-buy and add-ons.Players are given $1,500 in chips at the start of the Tournament.

Re-buys add $1,500 in additional tournament chips. Unlimited re-buys will be available for the first 60 minutes.

An add-on adds $3,000 in additional tournament chips. One add-on will be available during the break per person, regardless of the number of chips that they currently have. See tournament info in each tournament for re-buy and add-on costs.

The prize money payout structure will be posted in the tournament info section after each freeroll.

Bonus freerolls payout in Bonus dollars. The rules of conversion for Bonus dollars will be as follows:On Real Money Ring Game tables


Seven Card Stud 8

Weekly Freeroll Schedule 10 Points You can register for over $2,500 worth of weekly Freerolls NOW ! Freeroll PROMOTIONAL feature: Some tournaments offer re-buy and add-ons. Players are given $1,500...

Every time a player generates rake on the Ring Game tables, rake points are awarded to their Points account. Points will accrue in the Player’s account until the player chooses to convert Bonus dollars into their Cash account. (click here for details)

Players who have not made deposits will have their prize money held for 72 hours after the tournament. They can convert their prize money as per the rules mentioned above immediately after they make an initial deposit of $10.

**WARNING! Players caught *soft playing* their free roll winnings in the ring games will have their free roll winnings confiscated (as well as the bonus money converted as a result of this soft playing)! Soft playing means 'taking it easy' on other players at the table, and not playing to win. This is collusion against the site and will not be tolerated. Please play fairly.

In order to re-buy or add-on during the tournament, the player must have an active balance in their account before the start of the tournament. If you do not have a balance in your cash account, you can activate your account with an initial $10 deposit.