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Hand History Retrieval

  If you would like to review your previous hands, all you need to do is go to the menu tab and click on “Statistics.” Reviewing statistical information is one of the most effective ways to improve your poker playing skills.

  Players Chat

  The chat box, at the bottom left corner of the poker table, allows you to interact with other players. Through the chat box players can make comments or have conversations with each other. Even those observing can join in. Please be advised that Pocker staff monitors all chat forums. Constant vulgarity will result in your account being suspended or terminated.

  Find a Player

  If you are wondering whether your friend or someone you have made a connection with is online, simply go to the Menu bar and click on the “Members” tab. Then choose “FindPlayer” and enter the “PlayerID” name.

  Two-Table Play

  For those looking for twice the action, our "Two-Table Play" allows for play on two different tables simultaneously. The "Two-Table Play" feature is designed with the avid online poker player in mind, since players will be forced to make twice as many decisions in the same amount of time. The advantage of being able to play two tables at once is partly related to style of play, such as playing tight (low percentage of flops), or it can be a boon for those that are tired of waiting for others to finish their turns. This type of play offers more playing time and less waiting time.