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"When the stakes are high, it pays to go to great lengths to ensure that software is implemented with proper considerations for security and safety". - Matt Schmid, Cigital, Inc.

All communications between our client software running on players’ computers and our servers is encrypted. It is important to note that strictly speaking, encryption by itself does not guarantee privacy.

For example, a site where the pocket cards of all the players are transferred to everybody is not secure regardless of encryption. That is why we have spent a lot of effort designing our security system and policies.

Security Highlights

Software Download:
The first point at which security becomes an important factor is when the client software is downloaded from the Poker Website. We must ensure that the client software is downloaded unmodified. To address this requirement, we built the following features into the download process:

For Internet Explorer the validity of downloaded executable is verified by the browser using our key and Thawte certificate
For other browsers we use 128-bit encryption and a Thawte server certificate to protect our HTTPS web server & download

Playtime security

We have a number of built-in features to ensure the security of the game itself:

Our client software uses certificates issued by our own Certificate Authority to authenticate our servers.
Our certificate key is 128-bit encryption.
Our client software uses the industry standard SSL protocol. It is configured to use RSA for authentication and key generation for encryption. No private data, such as pocket cards, is ever transferred to other players.


Collusion is a secret agreement between two or more parties for a deceitful purpose, and it includes passing money back and forth to another player through playing.

While on one hand it is easier to pass information between colluding players in online poker than it is in brick & mortar rooms, it is much more difficult to avoid eventual detection as the cards for all players can be examined later on.

No matter how sophisticated the collusion is it must involve the play of a hand that would not be played as it was without collusion. Our detection methods will catch unusual play patterns and warn the game monitors, who will then make a thorough manual investigation. We will also investigate all players' reports about suspected collusion.
If any player is found to be participating in any form of collusion, their account will be permanently closed.