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888 Pacific Pocker Review

Pacific 888 Pocker is one of the fastest growing sites, occasionally claiming the fourth most real money players on any given day. It is operated by one of the longest-standing online gaming companies, Casino-on-Net. Part of its popularity has to do with its reputation for having very "soft" games with loose-passive players.

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 25% up to $100 -or- flat $25 bonus

 Difficulty to clear:



 90 days after initial deposit

 Method of tabulation:

 Amount wagered


 888 Pacific's bonus-clearing requirement is different from that of most sites. You must "wager" 20 times the bonus amount within the first three months of opening your account. Thus, the maximum $100 bonus will require you to wager $2,000.


 Wagering $2,000 is not as daunting as it sounds, especially at mid-to-high limits, but Pacific's 888 bonus is one of the most difficult in the industry to clear at low-limits. At $1/$2 level, a tight-aggressive player will average about $1 wagered for every hand played. This means that a $1/$2 player will need to play about 2,000 hands to clear a $100 bonus. Compare this to the ~550 required hands at Party or Empire, or even the ~1100 required hands at Paradise. Pacific's bonus structure is competitive with those of other sites at $2/$4 and above. Compounding the difficulty in clearing this bonus is the inability to play more than one table at once at Pacific.

 Optional deposit bonus:

 If you prefer not to initially deposit a large sum of money, you can still get a good bonus if a current Pacific Poker888 player refers you. You will receive a $25 sign-up bonus through this referral. Like the bonus above, you must wager 20 times the bonus amount to clear the bonus ($500 in this case). If you will be depositing less than $100, I recommend this method.

Usually 20% up to $100. Pacific occasionally runs a "Happy Hours" redeposit bonus that gives you a 20% bonus if you deposit during a two-hour window on a specific day. Cashout requirements are the same as those for the sign-up bonus.


 An easy way to check the amount you have wagered toward your bonus is to click on the "Cashier" button, then the "Bonus Points" button. Although the "Comp Points" total is unrelated to your sign-up or reload bonus, each Comp Point represents $10 wagered. So, if you need to wager $2,000 to clear a $100 bonus, you need to accumulate 200 Comp Points.


Very good. For fixed-limit Hold 'Em, there always seems to be multiple tables open at any given time. Solid tournament players have less of an advantage at Pacific for three reasons: number of starting chips (800 vs. 1,000 or 1,500), blind structure (Level 6=100/200 vs. Level 6=50/100), and shorter blind escalation periods (10 min. vs. 12 or 15 minutes).


Pacific has a "Comp Points" program that allows you to convert points into real cash. For every $10 you wager on raked hands in ring games, you will receive 1 Comp Point. Every 100 Comp Points may be converted to $1.


Pacific 888poker features a graphic hand history that allows you to visually play back, VCR-style, hands that you have played. This hand history also allows you to keep track of how much you have wagered for bonus purposes, although you must do the math yourself. Pacific is a solid site, but the software seems slower than that of other sites (taking twice as long to deal cards with no option to turn off dealing animation). I've noticed that at $1/$2, you only play about 45-50 hands per hour, compared to 60-65 hph at Pocker stars. The ring games do seem to be "softer" at Pacific 888. You can almost always find a $1/$2 table with 60%-70% seeing the flop with an average pot of $20 (expect your wired aces and kings to be cracked more often, however).