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  I completed my monthly bonuses at EverestPoker . It has been a very frustrating month as far as poker goes. First let me say this...

Pocker everest

 Don't try for the full $200 bonus at EverestPoker unless you are fully capable of playing three tables at a time.

  If you only play at one or two tables, you better have a LOT of spare time that week before you will complete the bonus. Playing 1400 hands at two tables will usually take around 14-18 hours of play.

  As for as my play goes, I think I need to start doing something different. The whole month I went all-in with the best hand and would be beat on the river. My favorite hand happened when I went all-in with pocket kings and somebody called my $50 raise on fourth street with a pair of 4's and a 5 kicker and got an inside straight with a 6 on the river. You know, just $150 pot because of a pair of 4's.

  With my $200 bonus I profited a whooping $80! But at least I know that it can't get any worse! I'm going to do a little poker reading. Whenever your in a poker slump, I suggest going back and re-reading your favorite poker literature. For me it's Championship NL/PL Hold 'em by T.J. Cloutier.

  I'll be back at it next month. Hopefully, EverestPoker will have a bonus coming up! I wasn't happy they didn't have one this month. But we will find out. And I will let you know if they do.