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Pocker.net school, an invaluable guide to help you maximise your potential. Before starting the lessons it is important that you know your way around a poker room. Learn how to choose easily between the different games,  by checking out our Games page.

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Our online poker tutorial will take you through some of the basics of online poker, mainly Texas Hold'em, the most popular poker game currently played online. Be sure to check the charts and statistics of Texas Hold'em, which, if understood properly, can give you a formidable advantage when playing for real money


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•Position & Seat Selection
•Basic Texas Holdem preflop Strategy
•The Art of Bluffing
•Opponent Observation
•Knowing When to Let Go
•Betting, Calling & Raising Bets
•Playing Tournaments Slow-Playing
•Changing Pace
•Texas Holdem Strategy

Let the Pocker be your host as you choose from the best range of game types and tournaments:

- Texas Hold'em 
- Omaha 
- Omaha Hi/Lo 
- Jackpot Sit & Go's 
- Progressive Jackpots 
- $25,000 GP Monthly!