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A satellite is a smaller buy-in tournament in which the prize is an entry into a larger buy-in tournament. For example, if you won a $2 satellite tournament that had at least 10 entrants your prize would be a $20 entry into a $20 buy-in tournament. Instead of distributing the $20 prize pool over the top 3 finishers as done in standard tournament with 10 entrants, for a satellite, the $20 prize is pooled and awarded to first place only. If 20 entrants, 2 $20 tournament buy-in entries would be awarded. Therefore, for this example, for every 10 entrants, 1 $20 tournament buy-in fee is awarded.


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Free Rolls

Don't miss out on our Free Roll tourneys. Free Rolls are simply that, FREE and require no buy-in nor buy-in fee. Free Rolls reward top finishers with real money cash and/or satellite entry to other cash prize tournaments.

Entering a Multi-Table Online Poker Tournament

Before registering for one of our online poker tournaments, please take a moment to look over the Tournament Rules page.

To enter a tournament, select the "Tournament Real Play" tab from the Main Lobby. Select the type of online poker tournament, after select the tournament game of your choice. You will see information about this online poker tournament in the information box at the right. Under the "Status" column, look for a tournament which has a state of "Registering". The particulars of the tournament (game, structure and buy-in) are listed. Double-click on a tournament in "Registering" state or click on the "Tournament Lobby" button to open the Tournament Lobby. Click the "Register" button, and log in if you have not already done so. The software will confirm your registration. You may take your seat by selecting the "Take Your Seat" button. Check the Tournament Lobby for registration and seat times.

Note that for all online poker tournaments, players are all assigned random seats to start the tournament. This is a counter measure designed to prevent collusion, which is the collaboration of two or more players working together. As is customary in poker tournaments, seat changes are not allowed. The button in Texas Hold'em and Omaha tournaments will be assigned to Seat 1.

As in a regular poker game, when it is your turn to act, you may check, bet, raise, call, or fold (where applicable).

Online Poker Tournament Lobby

At any point during the online poker tournament, players can check the tournament lobby for information about the tournament's progress. The lobby will show the current limit level for the tournament, information about players' stack sizes, and the breakdown of the prize pool.

Anyone can request a tournament history at any time after the tournament's conclusion by going to the Main Lobby and selecting "Tournament History" from the "Request" menu. Final online poker tournament information will remain in the tournament lobby for a while, usually a few hours after the tournament's conclusion.